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Chehelsoton Iran is producing and supplying a variety double glazed UPVC, Aluminum and wooden door and window.

Double glazed UPVC door and window </ b>


As you know, by the increase in the cost of metal, wooden and old types of aluminum windows in the countries like Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the use of UPVC and mostly known PVC door and window increased. Ease of design and color, and physical durability and durability against different atmospheric conditions and the upvc recyclability used. Making this type of door and window has led to major changes in the industry.

Double and triple glazed glass </ b>


This type of industry as you know is very important in the building industry. It is commonly known as Insulated glazing in the industry of door and window production. Chehelsoton Iran is innovated many new features in the building industry.

Double glazed Aluminum door and window</ b>


Aluminum in simple is a renewable, lightweight, durable, durable, environmentally friendly and environmentally compatible with the human body metal in the building industry specially in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, etc. The advantages of aluminum glazed doors and windows resistant to air and dust pollution, safe from robbery and earthquakes, sound insulation is very notified by Chehelsoton Iran and it is why that is recommend to the customers.

Related services for the double glazed by Chehelsoton Iran company

  • Production and installation of double glazed glass
  • Replacing Old Window with a New High Efficiency one
  • Window screen or insect mesh

Chehelsoton Iran was published a business in terms of new factory focused in the double glazed glass with the latest technology and machinery in its production line. Producing variety of building glass used with UPVC door and window, Aluminum door and window, sky lights, curtain wall, frameless with simple double glazed, triple glazed, laminated glass and Tempered glass.

Replacement of old window with a new one. Chehelsoton Iran provides you an offer so you can get replacement UPVC windows in standard or even customized sizes with new generation of windows. In the case of window replacement no changes may be found in the facade and the replacement will be done in less than 2 working days by chehelsoton Iran.

In order to use of the fresh air with the opened window and prevent from insects to come into the building, door and window screens or in other words insect mesh is needed. Chehelsoton Iran with the use of technology and suitable materials provides long lasting systems of window screens. These systems are suitable for UPVC double glazed window, Aluminum and wooden types.

Your windows are a key element to making you feel happy and relaxed in your home. Old windows can come with many drawbacks like draughts, mould and condensation. Replacing them is a quick way to get rid of these unsightly conditions that time brings. Chehelsoton Iran understand that you are looking for the best available price out there. Replacing your windows is cheaper than getting entirely new windows. You don’t want to pay more than necessary. Finding the best deal can be a difficult and time-consuming effort.

Chehelsoton Iran's customized products for special needs.

شیشه دوجداره و سه جداره

Double and multi glazed glass systems

Chehelsoton Iran is a pioneer company in which all sorts of double glazed, triple glazed and multi glazed glass is producing for UPVC, Aluminum and wooden door and window systems.

پنجره یو پی وی سی

UPVC double glazed door and window

Chehelsoton Iran by using well-known and quality brands of profiles like Vista Best Iran, HOFMANN  and Wintech iran, tries to satisfy all kinds of customer’s need in Iran and neighbor countries such as Iraq, UAE,  Turkey ,etc.

نمای کرتین وال در ساختمان

Curtain wall façade systems by Chehelsoton Iran

Chehelsoton Iran is producing all known and efficient systems of curtain wall in Iran and ready to export them overseas

پنجره دوجداره آلومینیومی

Aluminum double glazed door and window

Thermal break and normal types of aluminum window comes to the market for those customers with special needs and design characteristics. chehelsoton Iran’s production in aluminum door and window products

double glazed Hi-Tech news

Chehelsoton Iran, door and window production


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